BoomingBang RELEASE!!!

We are just announcing that our first development, a game, “BoomingBang Alpha V1” will be released on October 31,2009. The game will be released for the testers to test the game and find any compilation AND/OR Functional errors.

The game is initially designed for One Laptop Per Child Foundation’s XO laptop, but work in Linux, Windows and Mac too. But the Windows version will be supported till only ONE(1) year after its release, in due course, other versions will also be released. Linux support is 3 years and Mac version comes with no support as any of us don’t have Apple Macintosh machines.

As the leader of Phoenix-Team, I, Abhishek Indoria, am allowed to give you complete information on the topic:)

“The Game will be released on 31st October, and it will be its initial release, without any warranty. The game can cause harm to systems as it is only an ALPHA Version just now. I only recommend downloading ALPHA V2 after the verification process is completed. However, you can find more information at and as has been reported malfunctioning on many users’ machines and caused Browser crashes.

The information will be readied within 2 days, and we are hoping to get excellent responses. This version, however, will not be shipped Universally on Disks. This can be downloaded free of cost.

The initial charges of Shipping and Handling will be, as I guess $ 20 , included in which are Tracking and SpeedPost Guarantee of receipt within 10 days.In the normal mail method, however, users would be charged $10 and we take the guarantee of it to be shipped, but NO queries when. It might take 5-7 weeks at maximum.”

The Phoenix-Team currently include 20 members and looking for more. This is an excellent youth group for developing software, and of course, donations are welcome.


~ by Abhishek Indoria on October 14, 2009.

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