Phoenix-Team … for youth and you

The Phoenix Team



Phoenix-Team, a non government and non profit organization is currently active in developing and programming free software and games for youth.

Phoenix-Team is led by  young 14 year old, Abhishek Indoria who is a member of One Laptop Per Child Foundation developers and support gang and is currently active with Sugarlabs.

Phoenix-Team consists of 12 active members, all of them youth 🙂 and are below 18 and they are contributing a lot to Phoenix-Team. Phoenix-Team reported that except Abhishek Indoria, most active members are a London based 14 year old  Angelina Johnson and a France based 16 year old  Stan Hike.

Phoenix-Team provides free software downloads as well as a chance to ship them for free at the cost of media and shipping charges. Shipping charges may vary, but for India, they are 50 Rupees apiece ( Approx $1 ).

Phoenix-Team is working towards to develop an operating system based on OpenSuse 11.1 platform in near future along with a spreadsheet program, a file compressor and current BoomingBang game (

More information about Phoenix Aura can be found on

Phoenix Team says on their website’s homepage:

What’s our mission?

Our mission is to provide as many free and open source software(FOSS) to worldwide community as possible and we are working for it. Currently, we are working to develop such software and spread them along. The Game, BoomingBang will be our first official game/software ever. We are focusing mainly on Youth and Children.

In some poor or developing/less developed countries, where children and youth do not get advantage of emerging new technology, and available resources, we intend to provide services and software to them, free of cost. One Laptop Per Child Foundation is now working for providing $100 laptops to children of developing countries, and we are looking forward to help them by providing free software.

How has it evolved over time?

The Phoenix Team is a newborn organization which came into existence on January 18,2009 when President of Phoenix Team, Abhishek Indoria has announced it. Since then, we are actively working towards FOSS and Development for Youth, especially CHILDREN.

Phoenix-Team is currently searching for members, youth specially, who can contribute to them.

Phoenix-Team is working for the development of their software for the children machine , the XO Laptop. Phoenix-Team is currently active in porting all of its project to XO laptops.

While hardware requests and requirements are fulfilled by One Laptop Per Child Foundation -OLPC-, Phoenix-Team welcomes Donation,whether directly cash or by help in Any means.

The Phoenix-Team’s special members who have direct access to secure files are known as Phoenix-Squad members. Phoenix-Team haven’t disclosed any information on Phoenix-Squad yet!

Lets hope that they contribute to the children of the world, I hope so…and I hope that you must think so 🙂


~ by Abhishek Indoria on September 4, 2009.

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